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21 May 2020
LeadGid gives you full control over your life. Enjoy a wide choice of offers!

Last week (October 5 – October 11), we have launched a few new offers for Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine:

1. Монетка – application

ID: 5192 / GEO: Russia

Unique user application: ₽120/€1.30

2. VIVA деньги – online loan

ID: 5141 / GEO: Russia

Loan (₽5,000/€55+) to a new client: ₽2,400/€26

3. Credrate.ru – MIX

ID: 4604 / GEO: Russia


- Application (Credit Score 2-50) - ₽60/€0.66

- Application (Credit Score 51-80) - ₽75/€0.82

- Application (Credit Score 81-100) - ₽90/€1.00

- Grant (Credit Score 51-80) - ₽1,650/€18.10

- Grant (Credit Score 81-100) - ₽3,750/€41.20

4. ProZaim KZ

ID: 5063 / GEO: Kazakhstan

Correct application: ₽75/€0.82

5. Ocean.credit UA

ID: 5102 / GEO: Ukraine

First loan: ₴360/€4

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21 May 2020
Hey there,

For the whole week, you have been driving traffic to our offers. Today we have formed this top offers’ rating for you.

From this text you will learn what offers are more demanded in the CIS, Russia, Spain, Mexico, and Vietnam!

Copy the offer ID and set up the campaigns!

Rating link: https://bit.ly/376P7qk

21 May 2020
Tuesday is recognized as the most productive day of the week—the day when any business goes smoothly and new ideas are warmly received.

Last week, we have introduced a pack of new offers you may want to try!

1. Миг Кредит — approved application

ID: 5197 / ГЕО: Russia

₽2,100/€23 per approved application

2. Совкомбанк - Прогресс потреб. кредит - API

ID: 5198 / ГЕО: Russia

₽4,320/€47 for every loan from ₽50,001/€545 to ₽250,000/€2725

₽6,000/€65 for every loan from ₽250,001/€2725 to ₽650,000/€7085

₽8,000/€87 for every loan from ₽650,000/€7085

3. Opencredit KZ

ID: 5208 / ГЕО: Kazakhstan


4. Pitypay KZ

ID: 5209 / ГЕО: Kazakhstan


5. Gutcard KZ

ID: 5210 / ГЕО: Kazakhstan


6. Quick Money KZ

ID: 4911 / ГЕО: Kazakhstan

₽263/€2.90 per microloan to a new customer

7. MoneyZen EE

ID: 2245 / ГЕО: Estonia

€2.4 per application

€25.6 per loan

8. Mazilla PH

ID: 5211 / ГЕО: Philippines


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21 May 2020
The magical night is already here!

Ladies and gentlemen, our grand contest LeadGid Magic Lamp. Arabian Night and 1001 Prizes is ending. It’s sad to realize that it will be over in a couple of weeks, and Jinn will fulfill the last wish

However, we are getting to the most interesting part, a luxurious party in real east—in Qatar.

There, we will give away three BMW 5 cars!

We remind that one of the cars will be drawn among the TOP 10 publishers, the second among the publishers from the 11th to the 30th place, and the third among the publishers standing on positions from the 31st to the 150th.

You can still join the competition and secure a chance to win the main prize!

On October 24, we will draw the last ticket to Qatar. You can buy party passes and other gifts in LeadStore. Don’t miss it!

Learn more about the contest rules and gifts here: https://magiclamp.leadgid.eu/

21 May 2020
Ladies and gentlemen, meet our rating of TOP offers—fresh as pure Alpine air!

This week, we have added some offers for Asia: not only for Vietnam, but also for the Philippines and Sri Lanka. You can also find information for Russia, Spain, Mexico, and CIS.

The rating of TOP offers is former by higher EPC and publisher activity.

Copy the offer ID and set up your campaigns!

Link: https://bit.ly/37KyOzY

21 May 2020
Continuously seeking new ways to grow and earn, keeping track of and following trends—aren’t these skills qualities of a good publisher? With our offers, trying new is easy!

From October 19 to October 25, we have introduced some new offers for you:

1. Промсвязьбанк - «Двойной кэшбек» credit card (issue)
ID: 5213 / GEO: Russia
Payout: ₽1,700 ≈ €18.60

2. Промсвязьбанк -
«Твой кэшбэк» debit card (activation)
ID: 3747 / GEO: Russia
Payout: ₽2,000 ≈ €21.90

3. Промсвязьбанк - «Твой банк» debit card (Activation)
ID: 5205 / GEO: Russia
Payout: ₽2,000 ≈ €21.90

4. Промсвязьбанк - consumer loan (For defense industry workers and members of armed forces)
ID: 3749 / GEO: Russia
Payout: ₽5,500 ≈ €60.20

5. Промсвязьбанк - Refinancing for all clients (grant)
ID: 5214 / GEO: Russia
Payout: ₽5,500 ≈ €60.20

6. OneClickMoney – loan granted (improved scoring)
ID: 5220 / GEO: Russia
₽2,500 ≈ €27.40 per new client
₽300 ≈ €3.30 per returning client

7. Совкомбанк - Прогресс consumer loan (Referral)
ID: 5199 / GEO: Russia

8. Deltagrad KZ – application
ID: 5219 / GEO: Kazakhstan
Payout: ₽125 ≈ €1.40

9. Credit1 UA
ID: 5162 / GEO: Ukraine
Payout for the first loan: ₴230 ≈ €6.90

10. OnCredit VN CPL
ID: 5193 / GEO: Vietnam
CPL: $1.60 ≈ €1.36

11. Zaplo CPS PL
ID: 2735 / GEO: Poland
CPS (loan): 4% of the loan amount

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21 May 2020
New vertical, new opportunities!

Who said you should limit yourself to financial offers only? Isn’t “testing everything” the motto of affiliate marketing? With this in mind, we decided to introduce a series of offers in our new section, Learning.

Currently, you can find the following offers in your account:

1. TutorOnline
ID: 5124 / GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

2. Roboschool
ID: 5075 / GEO: Russia

3. Викиум
ID: 5065 / GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

4. JunySchool
ID: 5000 / GEO: Russia

5. Нетология
ID: 4999 / GEO: Russia

6. Skillbox
ID: 4998 / GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

Learning offers are totally white offers that will never be banned by any traffic source. Also, practice suggests that dealing with white offers is about stability and broad perspectives. And this is what we value most.

Try our affiliate program’s new items, and your personal managers will be happy to help you!

21 May 2020
Finance is a highly specific vertical. So are the methods for acquiring and redirecting traffic. The key traffic source is SEO, so today we’re covering this very subject.

In this material, we will tell you about a few techniques that will help gain traffic efficiently and and retain as much traffic as possible.


Link: https://bit.ly/3kBzYBs

21 May 2020
Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable LeadGid Golden Parachute jump?

The final point of our route will be raffling of an apartment in Europe during a swanky party in the UAE.

All you need to do is drive traffic to the offers of the Golden Parachute’s Sponsors from November 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, and get points!

Make it to the TOP 15 and get guaranteed prizes—shares of global IT companies! The shares will be drawn among all the contest participants ranked from 1 to 15. Everyone on these positions will be treated with a bundle of shares!

Get to the TOP 30 and join the best publishers on the trip to the UAE where raffling of an apartment in Europe will take place!

🎁 Since December 1, we open for you our gift shop LeadStore, which has grown bigger and cooler. At any time, you can exchange your points for prizes from LeadStore, and we cared that everyone could find a suitable gift!

To get closer to the cherished goal and prizes from LeadStore, increase volumes of traffic you drive to Sponsor offers, month by month.

💎Showing monthly growth of traffic to Diamond offers, you will get your points boosted by 3.

💎 Showing monthly growth of traffic to Platinum offers, you will get your points boosted by 2.

💎 Showing monthly growth of traffic to Gold offers, you will get your points boosted by 1.5.

❗Read more about the contest, sponsors, and rules on the website: goldenparachute.leadgid.eu

The adventure starts today!

We believe it’s you who will win the main prize, the keys to an apartment in Europe!

21 May 2020
Dear publishers, have a great Monday with our fresh rating of TOP offers for various GEOs!

Our system has picked the best offers for Russia, Spain, Mexico, and CIS—all for your convenience.
Also, check out Asian offers: Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Philippines.
The rating is based on publishers’ EPC and activity.

Find the rating here: https://telegra.ph/TOP-offers-11-02

Dear Customer,

There is a growing trend of the last two years where the prosecution services of smaller districts or towns instigate lawsuits on blocking loan-associated websites. With that, website owners are not involved in the process and only learn about the resolution post factum—when the website is almost blocked.

LeadGid affiliate network is highly attentive to this issue and considers it to be discussed, and invites you to establish relations with the prosecutor’s office to set out legal criteria prosecution officers will take into account before instigating such lawsuits. For one, such criteria may include checking if the certificate is in the State Register of Microfinance Organizations.

We suggest establishing relations with the help of the Business Rights Commissioner in Moscow. This organization has entered into cooperation agreements with most governmental regulatory agencies and has real experience in protecting entrepreneur rights. Konstantin Pronichev, Digital Marketing Business Rights Commissioner, is ready to represent you in shaping the legitimate grounds for blocking webits associated with loan granting.

If you want to participate in the dialog, you may phrase your suggestions to the prosecutor’s office and send your representative to the meeting in Moscow. Please inform us about it beforehand by contacting us at gr@leadgid.ru
21 May 2020
There cannot be Tuesday without new items of our affiliate program!

So, we have launched these offers for you from October 26 to November 1:

1. Райффайзен Банк - Consumer loans

Approved lead (Private)

ID: 5202 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽1,275 ≈ €13,74

2. Райффайзен Банк - Refinancing

Approved lead (Private)

ID: 5203 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽1,275 ≈ €13,74

3. Zaimoman - approved request

ID: 5225 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽140 ≈ €1,51

4. Газпромбанк - Debit card activation

ID: 5196 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽880 ≈ €9,48

5. ПУМБ (кредитная карта) UA API

ID: 4928 / GEO: Ukraine

Payout per card issued: ₴150 ≈ €4,49

6. ПУМБ (кредит наличными) UA API

ID: 4929 / GEO: Ukraine

Payout per card issued: ₴150 ≈ €4,49

7. Нові Кредити UA (API)

ID: 4973 / GEO: Ukraine

Payout per approved lead: ₴32 ≈ €0,96

8. Repagalia ES CPA

ID: 5207 / GEO: Spain

CPA (Contract Paid): €24

9. Altero EE CPL+CPA

ID: 5163 / GEO: Estonia

СPL: €0.64

CPA: €20

10. Altero LT CPL+CPA

ID: 5078 / GEO: Lithuania

СPL: €0.64

CPA: €20

11. Altero LV CPL+CPA

ID: 5079 / GEO: Latvia

СPL: €0.64

CPA: €20

12. Atm Online VN CPL

ID: 5117 / GEO: Vietnam

СPL: ₫37.400.00

13. Profimo CPS PL

ID: 5229 / GEO: Poland

Loan granted (new customer): 56 PLN

New offers for Russia, Spain, Latvia, Poland, and other GEOs are waiting for you in the personal account!

21 May 2020
We’re proud to introduce you to our partners—one of the most convenient trackers to help you handle traffic, Keitaro (https://keitaro.io)

Get 20% OFF any plan with the coupon code LEADGID!

Keitaro today is:

- No redirections

- Statistics from all affiliate and advertising networks in one tool: conversions, incomes, expenses, profit, ROI, etc.

- Traffic distribution

- Built-in landing page and offer editor

- Unlimited integration capabilities

- Link protection

- Fully-blown API

Track and analyze traffic professionally!

21 May 2020
Begin your week with a fresh rating of TOP offers!

Ladies and gents, we’re proud to present our new weekly rating of TOP offers for various regions. Meet the best offers for Russia, CIS, Asia, and Europe!

The rating is based on publishers’ EPCs and activity.

Find the rating here: https://bit.ly/2U8BEqf

Check out our insights and drive traffic profitably!

21 May 2020
Hello, dear colleagues,

Diversity is key. And to follow this principle, our managers regularly connect new offers for you

From November 2 to November 8, we’ve started the following ones:

1. SKY Zaim — application

ID: 5226 / GEO: Russia

Correctly filled out form: ₽150

2. Alfa-Bank KZ — current account opening

ID: 5221 / GEO: Kazakhstan

Application: ₽270

3. DengiClick KZ - microloan granted

ID: 5186 / GEO: Kazakhstan

Payout per loan: ₽750

4. Kreditiweb FR

ID: 5232 / GEO: France

Payout per lead: €24

Have good tests!

21 May 2020
MoneyMan: a Diamond Partner

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to introduce to you a Diamond sponsor of our Golden Parachute contest, MoneyMan!

Everyone knows microfinance is one of the most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing. And driving traffic to microfinance offers turns even more exciting if the advertiser has noteworthy GEOs. One of such advertisers is MoneyMan.

This partner company offers unique rates and friendly terms for publishers.

Currently in our affiliate program, MoneyMan offers hold leading positions across various GEOs (Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain).

Participating in the Golden Parachute contest and driving traffic to MoneyMan offers, not only do you get high payout rates and bonuses, your bonus points will be boosted threefold starting from the second month of the contest. And three times more points, three times closer to an apartment in Europe!

Read more about the contest, sponsors, and rules at goldenparachute.leadgid.eu

21 May 2020
Dear Publishers,

We have prepared for you the fresh rating of this week’s top offers so you have the up-to-date list of the market’s best offers.

Inside the rating are insights into what offers were the most popular last week and top-EPC offers.

For your convenience, every offer is has a link, ID, goal, and EPC.

Find the rating here: https://bit.ly/32QrLCl

21 May 2020
This breezy November day, we’ve decided to make you happier with new offers!

Here’s what we have launched for you from November 9 to November 15:

1. 1Xmoney. ru - filled application
ID: 5243 / GEO: Russia
Payout: ₽120

2. Alfa-Bank KZ - Credit card
ID: 5239 / GEO: Kazakhstan
Payout per credit card issued: ₽540

3. ONCREDIT (application) UA
ID: 5231 / GEO: Ukraine
Payout per application: ₴50

4. Credit24 AU CPS
ID: 5195 / GEO: Australia
Payout per issued loan (new customer): A$260.00

5. Robocred ES CPL
ID: 5244 / GEO: Spain
Payout per accepted lead: €2

We hope you’ll pick something interesting from this list of new items

Diamond Partner Zaimer

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re happy to introduce a Diamond sponsor of our Golden Parachute contest, Zaimer. Online Loan Robot

Zaimer is a fully automated loan granting service. The company holds one of the leading positions among Russian microfinance organizations by number of loans granted.

Friendly terms for publishers and the brand name keep maintaining the first positions in our weekly ratings of top offers.

Drive traffic to Zaimer — Micro Loan / GEO: Russia from November 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 during the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest and boost your chances to win three times! Remember that Diamond sponsor Zaimer can increase all your bonus points you earned during the context, threefold!

Read more about the contest, sponsors, and rules here: goldenparachute.leadgid.eu

21 May 2020
Inform Partner CPABATON

Z przyjemnością przedstawiamy partnera medialnego konkursu «Leadgid Golden Parachute», CPABATON.

Cpabaton.ru to portal poświęcony marketingowi afiliacyjnemu, który zawiera stronę internetową zawierającą ranking programów afiliacyjnych z aktualnymi informacjami o każdym z nich.

Znajdziesz tam również zbiór przypadków i artykułów dotyczących marketingu afiliacyjnego z wystarczająco przydatną treścią dla początkujących i doświadczonych nabywców mediów.

Przejdź do CPABATON i zwiększ swoje umiejętności w marketingu afiliacyjnym!

Dowiedz się wszystkiego o konkursie Złoty Spadochron, jego partnerach, sponsorach, zasadach i sposobie zdobycia głównej nagrody - mieszkania w Europie - na stronie: http://goldenparachute.leadgid.eu